World’s first vegan drive-thru restaurant coming soon

June 2, 2017 by  

London will be the first city to offer a vegan restaurant with a 24-hour drive-thru.

James and Lia McInnes, the owners of Globally Local, a popular vegan restaurant in downtown London, will be opening their new fast-food location this month in their quest to make vegan food more recognized around the world.

The couple have plenty of experience. In addition to the downtown restaurant, which opened last year, they also run a vegan food truck. These locations offer what the owners like to refer to as ‘vegan comfort food’.

Their menus include vegan hamburgers – including the restaurant’s Famous Burger – as well as tacos, French fries and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Both James and Lia McInnes are prepared to go up against their competition, including McDonald’s and Tim Hortons. Their goal is to make eating healthy more convenient, and to capitalize on the growing demand for vegan-friendly food, by eventually becoming a worldwide fast-food chain.

To build their brand, the couple may choose to produce promotional drinkware. They could also create coupons with unique graphic design, just like their competitor’s offer to the public.

The new location will be on Highbury Avenue and Cheapside Street in London’s prime fast-food restaurant zone. The McInnes’s will be repurposing the old Harvey’s location, which includes drive-thru windows and seating for up to 120 patrons.