Workplace fall prevention course to be held in Edmonton

October 5, 2016 by  

A day of training is being offered in Edmonton that will give those who participate the knowledge they need to avoid injuries from falls in the workplace.

The OSSA Fall Protection course is being presented by NorthStar Safety Training, and is eight hours long. The instruction will include a PowerPoint presentation, class discussion, videos, practical exercises, a written test to determine the participant’s level of knowledge and also a practical exam.

A variety of topics will be covered, including the laws that apply to workplace fall prevention, OSSA Fall Protection Standards, the difference between fall arrest and fall restraints, the types of falls that can occur, rescue and escape training, how to complete a hazard assessment, how to calculate fall arrest, and how to properly wear and utilize equipment that provides fall protection.

The training will take place in NorthStar’s facility in Edmonton, and will include the use of actual equipment that those who take part might encounter in their everyday working life. A printer can produce warning signs and posters that can also lend a hand to ensuring job site safety.

The OSSA Fall Protection course will take place on October 31 at 7028-56 Avenue in Edmonton. The cost is $170 each, and further details and an opportunity to register can be found on the course’s Eventbrite listing.