Woodstock kids invited to show artistic side

December 6, 2016 by  

This upcoming winter holiday break, the Woodstock Art Gallery will be holding two different day camps to give kids an opportunity to gets some hands-on art experience.

The sessions, which are for children from the ages of five to twelve, will give participants a chance to learn while they have fun expressing themselves artistically. An assortment of topics will be covered, including ecology, the environment, the earth’s elements and more. Kids can try their hand at making sculptures, painting, drawing, making a collage and using other artistic medium to create their own pieces that they can take home with them. Name tags, lanyards, t-shirts and a huge assortment of other customized items can be produced by a printing company for this type of children’s event.

Two different sessions of the day camp will be held, and both before and after care will be offered at a cost of $5.00 a day for those families who need it. The cost per session for members will be $120 and $140 for non-members, and daily rates are also available for anyone who would prefer it.

The Let it Snow Days art camps will run from December 27th to December 30th and January 3rd and January 6th at the Woodstock Art Gallery, which is located at 449 Dundas Street. The institution’s website contains both further information and an opportunity to register to take part.