Women’s bike maintenance class on offer near Stoney Creek

June 20, 2018 by  

Owning a bike can help women to keep their fuel costs down while still being able to get where they need to go, and a Stoney Creek area workshop will teach them how to keep their ride in good working order.

The three-hour class will cover a variety of topics related to bicycle maintenance, repair, and safety. The participants are welcome to bring along their bike to work on, and when the event is over, it will be well-tuned and ready for use.

The students in the class will gain hands-on experience in changing a tire, how to check the inner tube, and also how to patch it if needed. They will also receive details about the different types of bakes and how to adjust them, how to adjust the bike’s gears, how to check the bike’s bearing systems, and also the importance of drive train maintenance and cleaning.

The registration fee for the class is $25 each, and the organizers noted that all those who identify as female are welcome. Flyer printing can help to spread the word about an event like this throughout the local area.

The workshop will be taking place on July 3, starting at 6:00 pm. It will be on offer at New Hope Community Bikes, which can be found at 1422 Main Street East in Hamilton.