Winter in Calgary is for the birders

December 17, 2016 by  

Winter may have arrived in Calgary, but for those who love to spend time watching birds in their natural habitat, it can be a great time of the year as The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society will soon be offering its Winter birding course to help birders get the most from the season.

The sessions, which will take place in Fish Creek Provincial Park and other locations around the city, will be led by experienced birders, including Gus Yakl, who’s studies of the avian world have taken him all over the globe. The course will take place over 12 weeks, and each outing will last about 2.5 hours.

According to Mr. Yaki, winter is an excellent time for this sort of activity, as there are fewer leaves on the trees, and the birds often congregate in flocks making it easier to observe them. Those who take part will learn how to find and observe them and record what they have seen. Booklet printing can be used to create journals that each person who participates in an event such as this can use to record the birds they have seen and to make any notes they wish.

The course will begin on January 9th and will run until April 9th. The cost for members of The friends of Fish Creek will be $60.00, while for non-members, it will be $100.00. Anyone who is interested in taking part is asked to register ahead of time through the group’s website, with the proceeds going to help support its efforts.