Winnipeg poutine fans invited to have their say

July 30, 2018 by  

Poutine is a well-loved Canadian dish, and Winnipeg fans of curds, gravy and fries will be treated to an opportunity to sample offerings from a variety of competitors who all want to be crowned as the best.

The evening will kick off at 5:30 pm, and there will be 10 restaurants vying for the top position. The event is open to all, and tickets start at $45.

Guests at the festival will be offered poutine, served all-you-can-eat style, along with three samples of the drinks they would like to try. Both Kraken rum and half pint craft beers will be poured, and non-alcoholic options are also available. Every attendee will be asked to vote for their favorite food entry once they have tried them all.

Fort Gibraltar has been selected as the location for this event, and it will be moved indoors in case of poor weather. If this needs to be done, those who purchased a weather-dependent ticket will have their money refunded. Banner printing and other print services for this sort of function can be provided by a local printer.

This opportunity for Winnipeg fans of the Canadian concoction of fried, curds and gravy to sample a selection and then vote for their favourite will be taking place on September 13. The venue is located at 866 Rue Saint Joseph.