Winnipeg conference to focus on direct farm marketing

January 5, 2019 by  

Manitoba has a rich farming history, and has long been considered one of the country’s important agricultural areas. Direct Farm Manitoba will be welcoming delegates to its upcoming conference, which will be hitting the city of Winnipeg early this February.

Many people are interested in supporting farmers in their area, and the attendees at the symposium will discover ways that they can access both this market and those that are further away as well. There will be mixers and other opportunities for the delegates to meet and share best practices, all with a goal of forming a strong network of farmers that directly market the products they produce to consumers.

The schedule for the two-day event is filled with presentations that address issues ranging from soil health and fertility to water management, grant writing and product marketing. There will also be a discussion of mental health issues that can be faced by farm families, and a big hoedown will add a touch of fun to the affair.

This opportunity for small-scale producers to learn new ways they can meet the challenges of modern farming and marketing is being held in the Canada Inns Destination Centre Polo Park. Conference packages that include brochures, promotional products, name tags and other swag can be prepared to distribute to the participants in an event like this by a local printer.

This year’s Direct farm Marketing Conference will be on offer on February 8 and 9. More information about pricing, tickets and where to stay during the function can be found on its website.