Wildlife gardening workshop planned for Mississauga

April 27, 2017 by  

Even in urban and suburban neighborhoods, there is often plenty of wildlife to observe, and an upcoming Mississauga event will give the public a chance to discover new ways of inviting local creatures into their yard.

Gardening for Birds, Butterflies and Beyond will teach participants how they can help support native wildlife like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and more. They will learn how to attract them to their yard, make sure they have plenty of food and water available, provide shelter and ensure they have adequate nesting materials. They will also learn which plants to choose and how to make their home landscape both beautiful and functional for wildlife.

The workshop is geared towards adults, and no fee will be charged to participate. To help them continue to learn about steps they can take in their own lives to support native wildlife, each attendee will receive their own copy of the Creating Habitat Guide to take home with them. Items such as this can be produced by utilizing the comb binding process.

The session has been planned for May 7 in the Burnhamthorpe Library, which is located at 3650 Dixie Road. Anyone who is interested in finding out more, or who would like to sign up to take part, is asked to go to the Toronto and Region Conservation’s website.