Week of art awaits this July

June 7, 2018 by  

The Calgary Stampede Art and Lifestyle Show is taking place next month for a week. It is part of the Western Showcase.

The show is set to feature an arts and crafts competition where participants will compete for ribbons, prizes and awards such as the Gina Brown Award; their works will also be on display for the run of the festival. There will be musical entertainment, presentations, poetry, and a wine garden.

There will also be a Maker Market that will be showcasing and selling the work of local artisans. Items sold here will be unique, handmade, and decidedly upscale. Arts and crafts will also be sold in various artists’ studios.

The Kitchen Theatre will have cooking demonstrations and free food samples. Among some of the presenters there will be Chef Anad Jamel, the Egg Farmers of Alberta and Epiphanie Chocolate. It will also be the location of the Dueling Chef competition.

In addition, there will be an art auction and reception to raise funds for arts education. Fans of the graphic arts in Calgary will no doubt want to visit this show at least once.

The Calgary Stampede Art and Lifestyle Show will be held at BMO Centre from July 6 to 15. Admission is free. For the most current information about this event, visit the official website.