Vaughn city council looking towards the future

October 30, 2015 by  

The city manager of Vaughan recently presented the latest version of the strategic plan to members of the city council.

Vaughan is a city that is experiencing a lot of growth, and it has dedicated itself to ensuring that those who live there have the best access to services that they possibly can.

The goal of this revamped document is to provide more focus on putting citizens first by ensuring that the services provided meet their needs.

Some of the goals that were outlined include providing support for the construction of the new hospital, ensuring there are plenty of options for affordable housing, enhancing the existing number of urban trees, upgrading infrastructure, encouraging the development of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, and providing support for sports, heritage, culture and the arts.

Along with this, a revamped organizational structure was approved to help make sure that they were aligned to provide the best support to these goals. A newsletter printing company can create informational materials that can be sent out to all area households so that they can be kept abreast of the latest developments in their city.

The original strategic plan was developed in 2007 using input gathered from residents and city staff. The budget for the next three years will be in line with the priorities that have been set in the refreshed version of this plan.