Vaughan workshop to help build better businesses

October 26, 2018 by  

Starting a small business can be a real leap of faith, but those who participate in a workshop that will be held in Vaughn will learn skills they can use to hit the ground running.

The Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre supports local businesses by supplying assistance, training and other resources, and it will be hosting a workshop geared towards people who are considering starting their own company, no matter what their background might be. It can also be helpful to those who currently run an enterprise and are interested in learning ways they can encourage it to grow.

The session will cover the steps of getting a business off the ground, and will start right at the planning stage of the process. Registering a company and obtaining any necessary licenses and permits will also be discussed. From there, the class will move on to tips for obtaining financing, as well has hiring and personnel management.

It was noted by the organizers of the event that the number of participants will be limited, as they have found that keeping class sizes makes it easier for the attendees to ask questions. Brochure printing can be used to craft informational publications that can be distributed during this sort of event.

This opportunity for residents of Vaughan to become a bit more business savvy will be held on November 15. The venue is located at 3100 Rutherford Road.