Vaughan workshop to share secrets of effective marketing 

September 14, 2017 by  

No matter how great a product or service a company may have, it won’t matter if no one know about it, and a Vaughan workshop will give small business owners tips they can use to craft effective advertising.

Those who come to the VBEC Seminar: How to Write Ads That Sell will learn what makes marketing work, and also what tends to not be as effective. They will also discover steps they can take to build awareness about their product among consumers, and also what they can do to build a demand for it in those who are ready to buy.

The event is being brought to the community courtesy of the Coty of Vaughan’s Economic Development and Culture Services and the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre, and there will be no fee charged to participate. It is geared towards small business owners and anyone else who would like to find out more about the power of effective marketing. Presentation folders and an assortment of other promotional products can be prepared for events similar to this by an area printer.

The workshop has been planned for the evening of November 8th, and it will be held in room 244 on the second floor of the Vaughan City Hall. Anyone who would like to find out more about what the organizers have to offer is invited to visit its website.