Vaughan to host microchip and rabies vaccine clinic

May 29, 2018 by  

Vaughan Animal Services has organized a special evening event that will allow pet owners to ensure their furry friends’ health and safety are well protected.

The organization has planned a microchip and rabies vaccination clinic, and while it will be held in Vaughan, it will be open to people from any municipality. The fee charged depends on the services utilized.

Pet owners can choose to have their dog or cat vaccinated, microchipped and registered, and licences from the City of Vaughan will also be available. In order to receive a registration, proof of rabies vaccination must be provided. A certificate and tag will be given for each animal that receives the vaccine during this event.

The clinic will run from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm and appointments can be booked ahead of time by contacting the planners at 905-832-2281. Flyer printing can be used to produce directed mailed promotional items that can be sent out to each household in the local area to make them aware of when and where an occasion like this will be taking place.

The fees that will be charged during this event start at $25 each, and those who plan on making use of this service are asked to bring along a debit or credit card, as cash will not be accepted. It has been planned for May 30 at 70 Tigi Court, and all pet owners are welcome.