Vaughan event will explore the evolution of English

October 12, 2016 by  

English is a constantly evolving language, and an upcoming presentation in Vaughan will give both native English speakers and those who speak it as a second language an opportunity to learn more about it.

The event, which has been planned by its organizers to be both fun and informative, will explain the evolution of grammar, vocabulary, and more. The forces that have influenced its development will be discussed, and facilitator Katherine Barber will ensure that the audience has a fun time learning.

Barber is one of the country’s leading English experts, and has frequently shared her knowledge on both television and radio. She was also the Canadian Oxford Dictionary’s editor in chief. Following the lecture, she will provide time for a question and answer session, and a light dessert will be served, courtesy of Sweets from the Earth. A booklet printing company can print programs and other materials
for a public event such as this.

The ‘Why the English Language is so Wacky: How Language Evolved Over Time’ seminar will be held on November 16 at the Imagine Cinemas Promenade Mall, located at 1 Promenade Circle in Vaughan. It will run from 10:30 am until 12:30 pm.

Tickets for the morning are $15 each, and they can be purchased through the lecture’s website. It also contains further details about Barber and the event itself.