Vancouver’s dieticians invited to professional development event

December 4, 2018 by  

By helping to separate nutritional fact from fiction, nutritionists can play an important role in the public’s health. A workshop that can help them build upon their public speaking skills will soon be held in Vancouver, and it will come with several extra perks.

The class, which will be limited to just 28 students, will offer an intimate learning environment. The goal is for each person who participates to walk away feeling more confident in their ability to share information and engage their audience, and it will include an assortment of practical exercises.

Techniques that can be employed to ensure public speaking success will be taught to all of the participants, and there will be time for them to put these theories into practice. They will be offered experienced and honest feedback to help them improve, and they will have an opportunity to watch recordings of polished presentations from their fellow dieticians.

When they leave to go home at the conclusion of the session, the participants will all receive a five-minute video of them speaking, with a review from the facilitators. They will also be given access to a Facebook group for dieticians. Notepads and promotional pens can be distributed during an event like this so that the attendees can easily jot down anything they wish.

This opportunity for dieticians to improve their public speaking abilities will be offered on January 19 at 711 West Broadway.