Vancouver workshop to showcase mochi

January 2, 2019 by  

A workshop is set to take place in Vancouver this March which will teach attendees how easy it is to make their own mochi, a popular Japanese dish prepared using pounded mochigome rice.

Those who take a seat in The True Nosh Kitchen and Studio’s mochi class will learn how to make their choice of black sesame or green tea mochi, and sugar will not be included in the recipe. They will both be vegan, and while they work, students will be able to learn a few words in Mandarin as well.

The facilitator will provide instruction on how to make both mochi filling and skin, meaning that students should then be able to make them at home to share with family and friends. There will be opportunities for students to meet others who share their love of healthy food, and the organizer noted it will be about both fun and learning.

The registration fee for this cookery class is $30.00, and this covers the cost of any ingredients and other materials used. Recipe cards can make it easy for participants in a workshop like this to prepare dishes on their own, and these can be supplied by area print shops.

The Ture Nosh Kitchen and Studio, which is located at 2200 Ontario Street, will be hosting this event on March 2nd.