Vancouver weekend workshop to explore urban beekeeping

January 6, 2018 by  

Both urban and rural beekeeping are becoming more popular, and Vancouver residents who are interested in finding out more about this hobby may wish to mark their calendar for an upcoming event.

Master Beekeepers Julia Common and Lindsay Dault will be teaming up to host a presentation that will provide an introduction into keeping bees on a private or commercial property. They will focus on using sustainable apiary techniques, and they noted that their goal is to teach those who participate how they can safely manage a hive, even in an urban setting.

The instruction will be provided using high-energy teaching techniques, and it will be delivered in a series of eight modules. The attendees will also have the option of taking part in a field trip in the spring that will have them visit beehives that are already installed, allowing them to observe how these industrious insects go about their daily activities. There will be a small additional fee for this part of the course. Comb binding can be used by a printer to produce training manuals for this type of occasion.

The registration fee for the Defining the Hive-A Beginner Beekeeping Course, which has been organized by Hives for Humanity, will be $349. It will take place of the weekend starting on January 20, and will be held in the Fairmount Waterfront Hotel. Both snacks and lunch for both days are included in the ticket price.