Vancouver to pay homage to its fine feathered friends

April 20, 2017 by  

Vancouver will be going to the birds this spring, and all of its residents are welcome to come and get in on the fun.

Vancouver Bird Week, which highlights birds and the role they play in both the ecosystems they inhabit and the lives of people, will include an assortment of activities such as bird walks, workshops, discussions and exhibitions. All of these will be offered free of charge and are open to all, with some being planned especially for kids and families. A printer can use binding technology to craft simple field guides that can be given to those who attend the different activities.

People will have an opportunity to learn how to build nesting boxes, catch and band birds, identify calls and songs, study both sea and land birds, take part in a motorcycle run in support of Migratory Bird Week, and learn about crows. According to the organizers, it has all been planned with inspiration from World Migratory Bird Day, which recognizes the role birds play as an indicator of the health of the environment.

Vancouver Bird Week will run from May 6 until 13 at various locations across the city. A full schedule of events, as well as where they will take place and what locals can do to help birds in their own neighborhoods, can be found on the event’s website.