Vancouver invited to run for kids

March 26, 2018 by  

Vancouver families have been issued a challenge to lace up their sneakers and hit the pavement in an event that will raise funds in support of the BC Children’s Hospital.

The run is open to all, no matter what their age or level of ability may be. Participants can choose to run, walk, or if they require a mobility device, roll along the route along with their friends and family.

Those who come out can choose between a 5km and 2km course, and at the end of the route, the fun will keep on going, as a carnival-style celebration has been planned to help thank those who came out for their support. The organizers noted that their goal is to raise at least $1m, and they went on to say that the public can help to make the day a huge success.

The monies raised will be used to help fund an assortment of initiatives and programs, including those related to childhood cancers and mental health. Everyone is welcome, and the donations they collect can help many of the province’s kids. Reusable pop-up banners and other items for this type of occasion can be prepared by a local print company.

This annual event will be taking place on June 3, and it will be held at 938 West 28th Ave. Additional information can be found on the Hello BC website.