University of Lethbridge workshops hope to boost mental health

November 7, 2018 by  

A new set of workshops at the University of Lethbridge aims to improve awareness of mental health issues on campus as well as provide relief for students who may be struggling with these issues.

The program, called ‘The Inquiring Mind’, has stated its goal is “reducing stigma and increasing resiliency in post-secondary students.” Another core element of the program is instructing students on an idea called the Mental Health Continuum model, which aims to challenge the idea of a straightforward division between the mentally ill and mentally healthy.

Through programs like The Inquiring Mind, universities are becoming increasingly attentive to instances where the typical stresses of the curriculum edge into anxiety and depression. The graphic design used for the poster printing includes calming blue and green colours and an image of one student helping another climb. This image reflects one of the program’s goals: empowering students to help others who may be struggling with mental health.

The first workshop under the Inquiring Mind moniker took place on October 24, and a second one will be held at Anderson Hall on November 23. Students are asked to register in advance and bring writing materials. The program was developed in consultation with students as well as faculty and staff with relevant knowledge. It aims to be an interactive workshop with activities, group discussions, and scenarios for attendees to work through.