Ukrainian food and culture to shine during Edmonton festival

August 7, 2017 by  

Alberta is a popular destination for immigrants, and a celebration of their contribution to the province’s culture has been planned for early this fall.

The Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts ( ACUA) will be marking the country’s 150th birthday festivities with an event that will showcase food, music and more from Edmonton’s Ukrainian community. The public is invited to come to the free event, where they can browse through displays, enjoy the cultural performances and relax with family and friends.

The organizers have planned for the food fair to be one of the highlights of the occasion. Guests can purchase tickets, which they can exchange for samples of food. Appetizers, desserts and entrées will all be on the menu, and those who come out can try as many as they wish. Businesses that will be participating in an event like this can have pop up banners prepared for the function which they can store and reuse again at a later date.

This celebration of Ukrainian Canadian heritage will be held in the Old Timers Cabin, which can be found at 9430 Scona Road Northwest in Edmonton. It has been planned for September 15th, and further details, as well as a list of food vendors that will be participating, can be found on its website.