Toronto print and media company’s CEO and chairman honored

November 23, 2010 by  

Providers of printing services in the Toronto area may want to pay attention to St. Joseph Communications’ CEO and chairman, Tony Gagliano. Recently, he was just named Graphic Monthly Canada’s Printer of the Year.

In a feature story on him in said magazine, the printing-passionate Gagliano recalls how he has been involved with printing from a very early age. In fact, because of this early start to getting acquainted with print, Gagliano says he fails to know whether he chose printing as a career or whether it chose him. For the CEO and chairman of St. Joseph Communications, age five brought the first memories of printing. His memory involves standing atop an empty grocery box and feeding sheets of printing paper, which he also separated sheet by sheet, before handing them to his dad who would in turn feed them into his letterpress.

Gagliano has come a long way since those childhood days as he now leads one of the biggest media and print companies in Canada. In 2009 alone, its printing arm took in $246 million.

Graphic Monthly Canada calls itself the authority of Canada’s entire printing industry, a magazine that launched in the year 1980. It prides itself on three, distinguishing features: unbeatable circulation, excellent design and also editorial effectiveness. A guide of sorts for both managers and owners, Graphic Monthly Canada is a magazine that offers how-to advice by experts and both service and product information.

Many CEOs of other printing services in the Toronto area can learn a thing or two from Gagliano about being successful in the printing business.