Timmins students to find out how the world celebrates

December 16, 2016 by  

The Timmins Museum will soon see the arrival of an exhibit that will shone a spotlight on the varied assortment of cultures that make up the local community.

The Kids Celebrate! traveling exhibit, which calls the Canadian Museum of History Home, will be making a stop in Timmins. It will give kids an opportunity to find out how 12 different cultures mark important celebrations. This includes everything from brightly lit and decorated Christmas trees to Caribbean parades and music for Jewish Hanukkah traditions and much more.

Classes that come to see the displays will be invited to put themselves in the middle of them and enjoy some hands on fun. They will be able to make themed crafts, learn new games an can even take on new roles, which will all be a part of helping them learn more about the different cultures in their community. The suggested length of time for a class to visit is about one hour. A company that supplies printing services will be able to provide the organizers of an event like this with an assortment of educational materials for the kids to take home with them.

The museum will host the exhibit from February 4th until April 30th, and it is geared towards children form ages 5 up to 12. Any educators who are interested in adding a visit to their classroom schedule are invited to contact the facility for further details.