Timmins area prepares to celebrate its horticultural heritage

May 29, 2018 by  

The warmer days of summer are on the way for the Timmins area, and local gardeners have been invited to head to South Porcupine to participate in special events planned with them in mind.

The C. M. Shields Centennial Library will be the host of Garden Days, which will include activities that can aid local green thumbs and gardening newbies alike in making the most from their flower bed or veggie patch. This is a yearly event and celebrates the horticultural heritage of the community and the whole country.

The public is invited to use the materials provided to craft plant markers they can take home with them, and there will also be an opportunity to add to their plant collection by using the seed garden, which will once again be open for “borrowing”. An exhibit of gardening-themed art will showcase the talents of local artists, and there will be other fun as well.

The library is located at 99 Bloor Avenue in South Porcupine, and anyone who would like to find out more about Garden Days has been asked to contact 705-360-2623 extension 8590. A local printer can supply an event like this with promotional pens and other materials to give to those who stop by to participate.

Members of the public are welcome to take part in this celebration of horticulture from June 16 to 24. Its website listing includes more details.