Time to take a break from the winter cold in Cambridge

December 26, 2016 by  

This winter, Cambridge residents will have an opportunity to enjoy a touch of the warmth of summer when they share the day with thousands of free flying butterflies.

The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is hosting its Flight of White exhibit, which will feature thousands of rice paper butterflies flying throughout the building. These large but delicate creatures, which are relatives of the well known monarchs, will be joining the other butterflies in visiting all the flowers, including some special ones that have been added just for the event. According to the attraction’s website, this species is well loved because they often land on visitors, giving them a chance to see them up close.

In keeping with the “flight of white theme”, white poinsettias will be on display, softly lit by white lights, and there will also be gentle classical music playing. Information about the rice papers, their life cycle and role in their natural ecosystem will be provided so visitors can learn more about them. Signs and other informational materials for an event like this can be provided by a printer, which can use lamination to ensure they will hold up to the humid conditions that can be found in a conservatory.

The exhibit will run until January 29th, and is included in the standard paid admission price. The conservatory is located at 2500 Kossuth RD in Cambridge, and more information can be found on its website.