Time to lend Leduc’s feathered friends a helping hand

December 13, 2016 by  

Christmas is nearly here, and in Leduc, that means that its time once again for the public to help out with the 2016 Christmas Bird Count.

To take part in this event, all someone needs to do is to watch birds in a particular area, and record the type and number of birds they spot. An online tally form has been created to make it as easy as possible for observers to submit their data, which will be collected and added to that which has been contributed by others to provide an overall snapshot of how these creatures are doing in a particular location.

The information collected will be used to determine such things as migration patterns, the health of local bird populations, and what strategies can be used to help protect them. Those who take part will also be asked to report the temperature and other environmental conditions in the location where they did their count. Digital printing can be used to create certificates of appreciation for all those who took the time to participate in an initiative such as this.

The City of Leduc has requested that the counts be performed on December 18th, and it has provided online tally sheets that people can use to record their observations. More information, as well as link to the tally sheet, can be found on its website.