Time to brush up on upcoming labour laws in Vaughan

September 4, 2018 by  

Changes are on the way for Ontario’s Employment and Health and Safety laws, and a Vaughan event will seek to ensure that those who participate will be ready to adapt to these new regulations.

This workshop, which will be led by Industrial Safety Trainers, is being offered to area businesses on a complimentary basis, and the seminar will touch on a variety of topics. Attendees will learn how the new laws may impact them and also what steps they can take to ensure they are well prepared.

The schedule for the three-hour session will include discussions about the latest training requirements for those who work in the field of workplace safety, and there will also be a review of the upcoming changes to the law that will impact those who work in high places and are not part of the construction industry. Additions to the regulations governing vacation pay, emergency leave, minimum wage and other areas will be reviewed, and there will be several other topics on the agenda.

The Monte Carlo Inn – Vaughan Suites has been chosen to be the venue for this learning opportunity, and it will begin at 9:00 am. Comb binding and other techniques can be used by a local printing services provider to craft manuals and other materials for this type of occasion.

This chance for Ontario employers to brush up on the new laws will be held on October 22. Industrial Safety Trainers, which hosting the event, is a Ministry of Labour authorized trainer.