The different methods of banner printing

November 14, 2010 by  

Head into any print company in Fergus for banner printing, and you will immediately realize that there are quite a few, various methods involved. Any time you have a banner printing project, you should remember that they are customizable projects, which is what gives rise to the different printing methods. All of the following banner printing methods are also applicable for any number of kinds of banners, from wedding banners to outdoor banners to sports banners.

Vinyl-lettered banners are instantly attractive because they are among the cheapest types of banner printing methods. As such, vinyl-lettered banners are an ideal way for promoting your group, organization or business for information purposes. Vinyl-lettered banners break down further into indoor and outdoor types, temporary or outdoor use, and custom-printed vinyl banners.

Full-color digital vinyl banner printing is one of the newest methods of banner printing. Coming in both outdoor as well as indoor types, this kind of banner printing can be put on either fully hemmed and heavy duty outdoor fabric as much as it can on full-color, high-resolution indoor material.

Silk screen banner printing is your only option if you have a relatively large amount of banner printing to be done. This method saves you money because it takes advantage of the reduced setup costs that come with large-scale, banner printing orders.

Remember that you have quite some options to weigh when you find yourself in a print shop in Fergus for banner printing. There are different kinds of banner printing for different occasions and uses.