Syrup season on the way for Oakville

February 24, 2017 by  

Maple syrup has long been one of the country’s better known products, and at an Oakville provincial park, the public will be able to get some hands on experience with the production of this sweet treat.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park will begin tapping its trees in early March when the sap starts flowing , and to celebrate the spigots going into the trees, it will host a Maple Syrup Festival. Those who come out will be given an opportunity to see how the process of tapping trees to collect the sap has evolved throughout history, and after this, they can visit Spruce Lane Farm, where they can try their hand at boiling off maple sugar or pouring hot syrup on the snow to make the treat known as maple taffy. They will also be able to visit the animals that call the farm home.

A traditional meal of sausages and pancakes with freshly made hot maple syrup will be on offer, as will a chance to purchase maple-based products. Promotional drinkware and other customized items can be specially designed for sale during an event like this.

All of this will be taking place on weekends throughout the month of March, when the days are warm enough and the nights cold enough to make the sap in the trees run. Additional details can be found by visiting the park’s website.