Sweet results forecasted for local maple syrup farms

March 20, 2017 by  

Ottawa’s local maple syrup farms are hopeful the 2017 season will be as bountiful as last year’s results.

Ivan Garland, the co-owner of Garland Sugar Shack, is predicting sap collection will start this month Maple syrup farms need warm sun-filled days and cooler nights to ensure peak sap production.

Located in the east end of Ottawa, the recent above-seasonal temperatures resulted in a few trees being tapped, but after the temperatures once again fell below zero, the trees dried up.

Despite what appears to be a tricky start, Garland is still hopeful this year will be better than the norm.

The farm is also dependent on the revenue from the tourism it generates. Using previous year’s syrup, Garland is hard at work making sweet treats for guests of the farm to purchase and enjoy. Promotional products such as custom drinkware and pens could also be sold to increase awareness of the farm.

Like all farmers, this industry is always keeping an eye on the weather. Two years ago, winter weather dragged on until late spring, resulting in a poor maple syrup season.

The average maple syrup yield for a farm is around 1,500 litres, but 2016 was a record breaker, with ideal temperatures resulting in unprecedented sap collection. Hopes remain high that the weather will once again cooperate, and allow this year to be another sweet success.