Surrey Tree Chip to return for another year

December 11, 2016 by  

Once the holiday season has come and gone, many people in Surrey will have Christmas trees they wish to dispose of, and firefighters in Surrey will be ready to help.

More than 45 fire service personnel have volunteered their time to take part in the activity. Two different stations will be set up where the public can drive up and have their old tree removed from their vehicle. These will be chipped and used as mulch. Those who plan on making use of this service are asked to ensure that all decorations, wires and tree stands have been removed, as these can damage the chipping equipment. Banners and other signs for an event like this can be supplied by a printer using materials that are durable enough to make the items usable year after year.

Donations for the chipping service will be gratefully accepted. They will be used to help support the Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society, which is a not for profit community service organization that helps people throughout the area. It supports those who have been affected by tragedies, students who need scholarships to help pay for university or college, those who are experiencing difficult times financially and much more.

The Tree Chip will be held on January 7th at Newton Athletic Park and the Guilford Town Centre from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Anyone who would like to find out more is asked to contact the Surrey Firefighters Charitable Society.