Surrey residents invited to improve its urban forest

March 3, 2017 by  

Trees can beautify a city and remove pollutants from its atmosphere, and residents of Surrey are being asked to lend its urban forest a helping hand.

People are encouraged to gather together their friends, families and co-workers and come to one of the four different neighborhood tree parties that have been planned for the city. They will be held in the evening, and everyone is welcome, no matter what their level of planting experience may be.

Along with the installation of the saplings, there will be an assortment of activities, all of them with a tree theme. Once the planting is completed for the night, those who came out will be served a free pizza dinner and an opportunity to socialize. Each person will receive training and the tools needed will be provided. Those who plan on taking part are encouraged to wear their old clothing and can expect to get their hands dirty. A local print shop will be able to use digital printing to produce promotional materials and other items that can promote events like this throughout the local area.

The Neighborhood Tree Parties will take place one a week throughout the month of April, and will run from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Anyone who would like to see a full schedule, including the location for each week, is invited to visit the city’s website.