St. Catharine’s residents to lend homeless helping hand

January 21, 2017 by  

St. Catharine’s will soon be hosting an event that organizers hope will go a long way towards helping them reach their fundraising goals.

Community Care will be serving up pancakes and other breakfast staples as part of its 17th annual Toque Tuesday Mayor’s Pancake Breakfast. Diners can enjoy their morning meal while they mingle and chat with others who have come out to do the same.

Along with the pancakes, attendees will be served sausages and Starbuck’s coffee, and will also have an opportunity to purchase branded Raising the Roof clothing such as ball caps and toques. Customized ad specialties like this can be supplied by a printer.

As an added incentive to lend a hand, those who are wearing a Raise the Roof item will be able to ride for free on St. Catharine’s Transit buses on the day of the event.

The monies collected through this fundraiser will be used to help support the homeless and others who are in need in the local area. According to Community Care, it is one of the most important morning meals those who attend will have all year, as it will provide support to others in the community who need it.

The pancake breakfast will take place on February 7th in Market Square. Additional details are available on the organizer’s website.