Special event on offer for Surrey’s small business community

September 25, 2018 by  

Small businesses provide an important component of Surrey’s economic health, and a workshop will offer owners of these vital enterprises a chance to learn tips from industry experts that they can use to help their company grow and thrive.

The event, which is being offered for free, will include both a trade show and presentations. The expo will open at 9:30 am and run throughout the day, and the lecture portion of the occasion will start at 10:00 am.

The trade show will be showcasing a variety of companies and government services, and attendees are welcome to browse through them at their leisure. The presentations cover topics such as how to sell to the government, accessing financing and also an exploration of the local labour market. Anyone who feels that the information provided will be useful to them is welcome.

This opportunity for the area business community to come together to learn and support one another will be held in Surrey City Hall. Local print shops can supply a full range of items that can be used as swag for an event like this.

October 2 has been selected to be the date for the Surrey Small Business Information Expo. Anyone who would like to find out more has been asked to contact the organizers online at osme-bpme-pac@pwgsc-tpsgc.gc.ca. They can also be reached by telephone by calling 604-619-9664.