Sherwood Park program set to empower young women

October 28, 2017 by  

Sherwood Park girls will soon be offered an opportunity to participate in an initiative designed to both empower them and help them discover talents, abilities and strengths they may not have realized they possess.

During the #MyStrong Girls 1017 series, girls between the ages of seven and nine will work with female coaches and personal trainers and participate in different activities that have been selected to both challenge them and demonstrate all they can do. Each of the sessions will kick off with some icebreaker games to help the girls get to know one another, and this will be followed by a fitness challenge such as kickboxing, rope climbing or tire flipping.

As each of the classes draws to a close, there will be a #mystrong café, where the girls will have a chance to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating choices while they enjoy a snack. As they do all of this, they will be encouraged to talk about any challenges they are experiencing at school, home or in other areas of their life. Printing services can provide custom designed t-shirts, branded water bottles and other promotional products for an initiative such as this.

The program will be running over 8 weeks, and it is scheduled to begin on October 24th. The fee will be $150.00, and more information can be found on the MyStrong Campaign Facebook page.