Several art exhibitions to catch before they close

December 25, 2016 by  

The fall season at the Varley Art Gallery is coming to an end next month, which means time is running out to take in three current exhibitions.

One of the trio is ‘Innovate Spirit: the Prints and Drawings of Pudio Pudlat’. Pudlat was an Inuit artist who primarily worked on paper. To illustrate his themes of the changing world, his works ranged from traditional to modern.

Another one of the exhibits is ‘Rock, Water, Tree: Group of Seven Works in the Jack Macquarrie Collection’. It features many paintings and drawings created by the Group of Seven which included artists Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris and Arthur Lismer. Some of the paintings on display are also taken from the permanent collection of the Varley Art Gallery.

The third and final exhibition is ‘Jeff Nye: Recovery Rooms’. The artist is based in Newmarket, Ontario. The items on display include his abstract paintings and multi-media works. His themes concentrate mainly on loss and memory.

Those who work in graphic design in Markham should try and catch these exhibitions before they close, which they may give them some inspiration in their own work.

The current exhibitions at the Varley Art Gallery will be closing on January 8. The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday and admission is free of charge. To find out more about these exhibitions, contact the Varley Art Gallery at 905-477-7000 x3261.