Seniors and caregivers welcome to learn about healthy living

December 20, 2018 by  

Mississauga’s older adults who are interested in maintaining their long term physical and ‘brain’ health will soon be led through an exploration of dementia and related topics.

Both seniors and their caregivers may find the ‘Health, Well-Being and Living with Dementia’ to be an informative event that is worth their time. It will offer practical advice and information that can help those living with dementia as well as their family.

The goal of the session is to empower seniors, and the topics covered will reflect this. Tips for living with dementia as well as healthy living in general will be shared, and there will also be a review of behaviors often associated with this degenerative disease.

Caregivers who take part will be offered an opportunity to find out about the support that exists in their community, both for the person they are caring for and for themselves. The facilitators will be experts in the field of healthy aging, and there is no fee to have a seat in the workshop.

Everyone is welcome at the seminar, and once it has concluded, attendees will be invited to mingle over a cup of coffee. Information packages containing brochures and other publications can be prepared by print shops to hand out to participants of events like this.

Ticket holders for this session are asked to arrive no later than 1:30pm on January 12th. The function will be held at 24 Stavebank Road North.