Seed grant information session to be held near Stoney Creek

January 24, 2017 by  

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), a government agency that provides grants to projects throughout the province, will be hosting a Stoney Creek area forum. It will provide informational resources and support to those who are interested in participating in OTF programs.

The information session will be facilitated by a member of the OTF and will provide information about the organization, how to apply for a seed grant and how they work, tips on writing a successful grant application and proposal and more. There will also be time for a question and answer session, and those who take part will walk away with an assortment of resources that they can use to craft their seed grant application. Presentation folders are usually designed and printed to give to each person who takes part in a function like this.

The event’s organizers will also be making the live sessions available as webinars so that anyone who wants the information but can’t attend in person will still have an opportunity to obtain the information.

The event has been planned for February 7th in the Hamilton Convention Centre. The OTF has requested that, as the deadline to make a grant application for 2017 is February 22nd, anyone who is interested in participating in the information session register to do so by February 5th. Additional details and tips on how to prepare for the day can be found on the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s website.