Saskatoon workshop to focus on first responder mental health

May 16, 2018 by  

First responders can often experience occupational stress, and members of the mental healthcare field have been invited to attend a Saskatoon workshop where they can add to their skillset in this area.

This learning opportunity has been planned by Matt Johnston, RCC and Captain Steve Farina, who has worked with the Coquitlam Fire Rescue company. The participants in the event will learn how they can treat those who work in emergency situations and assists them in protecting their mental health.

The schedule for the event runs for two days and is one of several that are being offered throughout Western Canada. While the syllabus has been created around the experience of firefighters, the organizers noted that is can also be helpful to those who work with other first responders and emergency services personnel, such as paramedics, dispatchers, police officers and correctional services staff.

The registration fee for the Occupational Awareness Training event has been set at $365 each, and any mental healthcare professional who feels it may be helpful to them is welcome. Print shops can work with the planners of this type of function to provide them with manuals and any other training materials they may need.

This opportunity for learning will be held at 125 Idyllwild Drive South in Saskatoon. It has been scheduled to take place on June 25 and 26.