Saskatoon set to celebrate its wild side

March 14, 2017 by  

Saskatoon is a city with close ties to the land and the wild creatures that inhabit it, and an upcoming festival will celebrate this connection.

The NatureCity Festival has been planned as a decentralized event with more than 50 venues set up at different locations throughout the city. They will be held in gardens, parks, the urban forest, conservation areas, and other wild spaces across the community. It also provides a way for the area to both thank and show appreciation to the individuals and organizations that work to protect the wild and the plants and animals that inhabit it.

The theme for this year’s offerings will be ‘We are Water: Explore our Prairie Waterscape’, which will draw attention to water-related issues in Saskatoon. People will have an opportunity to explore and learn more about how this important element shapes the city and the supports the diverse range of creatures who call it home. The organizers of an annual event such as this can have its logo and other branding reviewed and enhanced by a printer’s branding upgrade service to make sure it is still an effective promotional tool.

This year’s NatureCity Festival will take place from May 23 until May 28. The public is invited to visit the Wild About Saskatoon webpage to find further details, schedules, maps of the activities that have been planned for the week, and more.