Saskatoon ladies only evening set to return for another year

September 14, 2018 by  

It’s been several years since the first annual Saskatoon Fire Fighters Ladies Gala, and it has proven to be such a success that its organizers will once again be bringing it back for 2018.

The proceeds from this yearly event will be donated to a variety of children’s and other charities throughout the city. The tickets start at $85 each, and a variety of prizes will be up for grabs.

Upon arrival at the function, guests will be greeted warmly by a local firefighter and given a flute of champagne. They will then be escorted to their table, which is when the real fun will begin. They can browse through the vendor section that will be set up, and there will also be a fashion corner for anyone who can use some wardrobe inspiration. Dinner will be served, and there will then be a fashion show, raffle draw and dance.

Proceeds from this gala affair will be donated to not-for-profit groups across the city, including the Saskatoon Fire Fighters Pediatric Fund. A local printer can be counted upon to use graphic design and other techniques to craft a variety of themed decorations for an event like this.

This year’s Saskatoon Fire Fighters Ladies Gala will be taking place on October 13. It will be staged in Prairieland Park.