Saskatoon conference to explore making winter cities great

December 26, 2018 by  

As a northern city, Saskatoon faces the challenge of ensuring its residents have a great quality of life, even in the middle of winter. A conference has been planned that will explore this subject in depth, and other ‘winter cities’ from across the globe are encouraged to add their voice to the discussion.

A wide variety of disciplines will be represented in the symposium, and they will be sharing their home community’s innovative approaches to making the most from the coldest part of the year. Presentations, deep dives, breakout sessions and idea labs are all included in the plans for the event, as are live demonstrations.

The topics covered will range from health issues related to shorter days and colder temperatures to snow management, and guided tours will be on offer for anyone who is interested.

The agenda for each day will open with an assortment of mindfulness exercises, and delegates can choose the conference discussion topics that are of most interest to them. Conference rates are available at selected local hotels. When conference organizers wish to send information to delegate, such as a full description of the event, these can be prepared by a local brochure printing company.

The 2019 Winter Cities Shake Up will be hitting the city from January 23rd to January 26th. It will be held at TCU Place and also Prairieland Park.