Saskatoon business seminar to focus on creating a positive first impression

November 16, 2018 by  

While networking can be a valuable career and business development skill, it is not one that everyone naturally possesses. A Saskatoon seminar will be sharing ideas that the attendees can use to improve their capacity to communicate effectively, and the goal is for each registrant to walk away feeling confident in their ability to make a positive first impression.

The planners of the ‘Improve your Networking Skills – First Impressions’ event recognize the importance of putting one’s best foot forward, and they have broken the subject into several areas. Time will be spent on each topic, and the importance of nonverbal communication and listening will be stressed.

The seminar will open with an exercise that will aid the participants in recognizing their own personal communication style, as well as that of the individual with whom they are speaking. They will learn how they can develop their own set of short conversation starters and also how to be mindful when choosing which questions to ask. Body language will be reviewed, and the event will wrap up with a discussion about how to follow up using social media, phone call or emails.

The fee to register for this morning of learning is $99 per person. A business card printing service can supply an assortment of networking materials that can aid in sharing contact details and making sure a first impression is a positive one.

This opportunity for local people to add to their communication skill set will be offered on December 4 at Home Inn & Suites Saskatoon South, and will begin at 9:15 am.