Vehicle Wraps in Regina

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan and was founded in 1882 when the Canadian Pacific Railway reached it. In the early days, the main industry was agriculture. Agriculture is still the dominant industry but there is a constant increase in industrial businesses. Companies of all sizes find they need to find a company to provide them with vehicle wraps in Regina. When they do, many of them contact us at Minuteman Press for help.

Vehicle wraps are applied to company vehicles to help raise the brand awareness in the community. They are large sheets of vinyl that are applied to cars, vans and trucks. These wraps will usually have the company name and/or logo along with contact information. They definitely make an impact in the community. Most businesses will contact a local professional printing company to provide the vehicle wraps and to apply them to the vehicles. These professionals have access to the correct equipment and the training that will ensure a quality finish that will stand up to the elements. By hiring locally, there is a much shorter turn around and help is always at hand.

Companies looking for vehicle wraps in Regina are encouraged to contact us at Minuteman Press. We can offer the local business community all of the services and the printing products that they need. Call us for a free quote.