Print Companies in Regina

Located in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Regina is a city that combines a rich heritage with a bright economic future. There are plenty of opportunities for firms, as there are printing companies here that provide support and materials for both the public and private sector.

As it is the provincial capital, the city is the home of many government offices and crown corporations. These play a major role in the economy of the city, but there are also many privately owned companies in a wide range of industries that call it home.

A changing scene

In the past, agriculture has been one of the major factors in the city’s economic life, but this has changed over the years. Oil and gas refining, steel production, potash mining, agrichemical production and telecommunications now play a larger role. All of these require the services of a professional print company to produce everything from forms to digital business cards.

The film industry is a big part of both the city’s economy and culture. Saskatchewan Film and the Saskatchewan Film Pool are two of the main players in this field.

Regina takes great pride in its robust economy, and works hard to attract new business and sustain growth. They city has been granted strong credit ratings in the past, which is an excellent reflection of its overall economic health. Dedicated to sustaining a healthy population increase and maintaining low levels of unemployment, the city has set up The Regina Regional Opportunities Commission to help its economy thrive.

A hub for leisure time

More than 190,000 people live in the city. There are several large malls where shoppers can browse through stores both large and small. There are also a number of shopping districts that contain many smaller shops, boutiques, and restaurants. All of these require printing services to provide them with menus, printed shopping bags, flyers, and other materials.

Three post-secondary institutions are located within the city, and it is also the location for the RCMP training center. There are many museums, art galleries, and other attractions.

Strong infrastructure

The transportation infrastructure is excellent. Both CN and CP rail lines service the city, as does the Trans-Canada Highway. There is a well-used public transportation system, and print companies provide advertising that is displayed on the benches and buses.

Those looking to get the most of their leisure time will find that there is plenty to choose from. There are many athletic fields, an indoor baseball training center, and many hiking and biking trails. Brant Center is the home for the Pats hockey team, and provides ice space for various sports. It also hosts many conventions and trade shows, for which printing companies provide promotional materials.

Football fans take great pride in their local team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Lively fans can always be counted on to come out to their games. Many of them carry banners, which they will likely have purchased from a banner printing company.

Regina Printing Services Include:

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