Xpress Ads in Moose Jaw

In their location along the Moose Jaw River in south-central Saskatchewan, Moose Javians have the benefit of their own casino and geothermal spa –The Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. Businesses are aplenty in the vicinity, and those seeking to expand their reach around the city can call us at Minuteman Press for trusted marketing solutions and sound advice. We supply Xpress Ads in Moose Jaw, one of our many marketing specialties, and are proud to serve the local business community.

Enterprises local to Moose Jaw can expect to see a noticeable growth in their client base after using Xpress Ads to communicate with their potential clientele. Among the most affordable and effective methods of advertising available, the final cost for ad mailer kits include the design, printing, shipping, processing and delivery of these visually stimulating direct mail ads directly into the hands of prospective customers.

The ads can be specially customized to meet any business’ needs. They can include a business’ essential contact details, as well as limited-time discounts, promotions, and exclusive seasonal offers to entice new patrons to visit a business, make a purchase or use a service.

Xpress Ads can be especially lucrative for new and smaller businesses looking to make an impact. Call us at Minuteman Press today to discover more about our Xpress Ads in Moose Jaw.