Santa seeking helpers for annual Cambridge parade

October 4, 2018 by  

Attending the annual Cambridge Santa Claus Parade is a popular tradition for many of its residents, and planning is underway so that it will continue to offer a fun time for everyone who comes out.

The organizers of this event are currently accepting applications from businesses and community groups that are interested in being a part of the experience. As the procession will take place after dark, those who are planning to craft a float or other entry are encouraged to be creative in their use of light, colour and sound.

Those who choose to make an entry for the parade may be eligible to win one of the prizes up for grabs. These will be presented to the top community and corporate entries, as well as the best band and overall entry. Anyone who plans on being a part of the event can use the services of a local banner printing company to supply them with any large-sized decorations they need for their float or other submission.

Along with entries for the parade itself, the planners are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to volunteer for the occasion. There are a variety of positions that need to be filled, and more information about this can be obtained by contacting the planners at .

This year’s Santa Claus parade will be heading down Hespler Road on November 17, starting at 6:00 pm. Its website can be consulted for further details.