Robot-building sessions planned for North Vancouver library

January 28, 2017 by  

The North Vancouver Library will be hosting an event that can help tweens learn more about computers and robotics.

This will be the first part of the Lego Robotics for Tweens program, which will introduce children from grades 5 to 7 to Lego robotics. Led by teen volunteers using hands-on techniques, they will work together in small groups to learn how to construct and operate a LEGO Ev3 model. It will be offered through two sessions, taking place over the course of two weeks, and preference will be given to any child who has not already participated in the workshop.

The sessions are being offered through a partnership between the North Vancouver library and the North Shore Community Resources Something Cool for After School program. Those who take part will be able to sign up to be included in parts 2 and 3, where they will be able to build on the skills they have learned and create even more robots. A library can make use of online printing services to create handbooks, completion certificates and other materials that can be given to each child who attends an event like this.

Lego Robotics for Tweens Part one will begin on February 14th, with the second session scheduled for February 21st. Additional details and an opportunity to register are both available on the library’s website.