Richmond Hill seeking sponsors for Santa Claus parade

August 19, 2018 by  

The Richmond Hill Santa Claus Parade yearly event brings the community together and attracts thousands of people every year, and the town is seeking sponsors.

Although the winter holiday season may seem far away, it’s never too soon for businesses to start planning a promotional plan around this festive time of the year, and a Richmond Hill event may provide just the option they are looking for.

The parade takes place as the sun is going down, and includes floats, marches, bands and many other entries, and its planners are interested in hearing from any local companies that would like to sponsor the occasion.

The town has been working to create a variety of sponsorship opportunities to help local companies reach a wide audience of potential customers. It has prepared packages that provide more information about the various programs it has on offer when it comes to the Santa Claus parade, and these outline the benefits and potential return on investment that come along with providing financial support for the event. Stationery printers will be able to provide customized promotional products that include the logos and other branding of the businesses that sponsor a function such as this.

The parade has been planned for November 17th, and it will follow a route that sets out from William F. Parkway and will travel along Leslie Street to Performance Drive. Anyone who would like to find out more about sponsoring the festivities has been asked to contact the town’s advertising administrator at 905-787-8471, ext. 236.