Residents of Richmond asked to pause for a moment and remember

September 11, 2018 by  

Residents of Richmond have been asked to take some time in their busy schedule to attend a special ceremony that will honour both those who gave their life for their country and those who continue to serve today.

The city’s Remembrance Day ceremony will be held this November at the Richmond Cenotaph, which can be found on the east side of City Hall. People of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Along with the ceremony, which will include a laying of wreaths, there will be a parade that includes several hundred veterans and other marchers. Currently serving military personnel, cadets, first responders, and others in uniform will also be paying their respects by joining the procession.

The ceremony at City Hall is scheduled to begin at 10:40 am, and at 11:00 am, the attendees will be asked to observe a moment of silence where they can reflect on the role soldiers, sailors, airmen and merchant marines have played in the history of the country they call home. Local print shops can supply banners and other products for this sort of event.

The parade is set to start at 10:20 am on November 11, and the City Hall portion of the occasion will begin shortly afterwards. Anyone who would like more information has been asked to visit the Richmond website.